About Us

   Kiev enterprise  Ltd " Itak " is one of the leaders in the market of flexible packaging for the food and non-food products . The company was founded in 1991 as a small enterprise for the production of packaging for flowers. Within a year and a half was open base enterprise " Itak " ( 1998 - Ltd " Itak ").
   Creativity, balanced approach , using the latest technologies and best practices in the field of packaging, control of all stages of production - based on this work  Ltd " Itak " . For best results, the company uses a certified quality raw materials from leading European manufacturers , updates its industrial park , purchasing equipment traditionally high quality , mostly in Germany . All this allows the company for many years to be one of the leaders in the field of flexible packaging .
    Ltd " Itak " offers a full production cycle of flexible packaging from design of the layout , color separations to manufacturing photopolymer plates and the production of finished products of high quality . The company provides full-color flexographic printing on flexible materials : film , foil, laminated foil paper, etc. , as well as the production and sale of the polymer film .
   In 2005, the German line was introduced Windmoller & Holscher five-layer film fabrication and equipment for micro perforation .
It made  Ltd " Itak "  innovator in this direction in the Ukrainian market . The line can produce films with high barrier properties , particularly for the food industry. Used in packaging confectionery , bread and pasta . New technology allows the production of a film with a high degree of transparency , good mechanical characteristics necessary permeability properties and excellent weldability.
Among the firms that cooperate with  " Itak " - businesses across Ukraine (Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, "Obolon ", " Bread capital ", " Three Bears " ," Dryhalo " etc. ) , as well as Moldova, Russia , Belarus, Tajikistan , etc.
More than 15 years " Itak "  is a list of chambers of  commerce around the world as a reliable company . In 2002  in Geneva, received the prize "for technology and quality" , the company became a member of the International Trade Leaders Club . According to the results of the national program "Leaders of the XXI century" in 2003  Ltd " Itak " was awarded with the prize "European Quality" , and CEO of  S.V. Poddubnyak - Order "Golden Mercury" for his contribution to the improvement of the domestic economy and the implementation of the integration process . 2003 brought another international award - the  Golden  Europe  Award "for quality » (New Millenium Award) and a gold badge member of the International Trade Leaders Club . Generally, the work was distinguished by many international awards.
   In 2005, high-quality and competitive products of  Ltd " Itak " was awarded the All-Ukrainian quality mark " highest quality" and Poddubnyak Sergey, as head of the company awarded the Cross of Honor "For the revival of  Ukraine " of the highest degree.
   In 2010 and 2011 the company was named " Exporter of the Year in Ukraine" for personal and professional achievements leading position in the Ukrainian market .
   Another success of the team and its leader is seen as another step on the ladder of infinite perfection.
   Enterprise  Ltd " Itak " which is led by CEO Sergei Poddubnyak fully meets the modern working conditions. For professionalism and contribution to the development of  Ukrainian industry General Director of  Ltd " Itak "  Poddubnyak Sergey award winning " High Grade" (Fall 2005). Diploma and "Leader packaging of Ukraine" ( 2006 2008g.g . ) honorary medal and a diploma "For achievements in professional activities " ( 2006 2008g.g . ) " The Best Domestic Product of 2008" ;     Order "Honorary Cross" and awarded " Executive of the Year 2010".
" Awards that gets our company - it only look the part , which evaluates the results of labor . And to this gaze on you , you just need to work without stepping over morality through something sacred. Act decently , honestly and openly . And then you get used to not only yourself , but also your partners . Hence - only a step towards a single market work style. There is another point : each award - it conquered the whole team height , a powerful unifying factor . This is what brings true patriotism and devotion to the common cause "- S.V. Poddubnyak .