Multilayer film

Unoriented cast polypropylene ( CPP )
Our film is manufactured by German equipment
Windmoller & Holscher cast film extruder using the finest European materials such firms as : DSM, BASF, Basell, Exxon Mobil, A. Schulman, Clariant. Film corresponds to the world standards of quality materials.
 Unoriented polypropylene film CPP (cast)
CPP produced by casting on the equipment Windmoller & Holscher ( Germany) with the addition of special additives to improve the antistatic properties and anti-adherent properties . Heat-sealable layer permits heat sealing on the product packaging machines in temperature range rather economy .
• Transparency
• high mechanical strength (resistance to puncture )
• sealing temperature of 105 ° C, which is significantly lower than that of BOPP
• possibility of imprinting
               Package for products such as:
• bakery
• pasta
• textile products
• hygiene products ( napkins , toilet paper , etc.).